Water extraction is an important step for all water damage and flood damage restoration projects.  Water extraction starts with a water damage assessment and water damage assessment report.  Our water extraction service removes the vast majority of water from your business or home.   We provide thorough water removal to help prevent mold, reduced the time it takes to dry, and help prevent additional water damage from stagnating water.   This is done by using powerful pumps which extract the water from your property.

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Emergency Water Extraction Services

From the first phone call and water extraction to complete water damage restoration our team takes care of all the details.  We carry our your furniture, remove water, remove damaged building materials, and restore your home to as good or better than it was.  As a full service restoration and remodeling company we offer the opportunity to set your home into better shape than before the damage.

We Move Your Belongings

When homes have had flooding or there’s a lot of water down it’s necessary to remove your belongings.  By moving your furniture, appliances, and other belongings out proper water removal can begin.  Not only does this help minimize damage to your belongings but also helps protect your home’s interior.   Wooden furniture legs bleed stain onto your floors while metal will rust.  In either case removing your belongings helps preserve the condition of both.

Emergency Water Extraction

Water removal is one of the very first projects our restoration company performs.  The sooner the water is out the less chance there is that your home will have secondary damage.  By removing the water, we will help minimize the chances of developing mildew, mold, and ruining building materials.  Our team performs water extraction using industrial wet/dry vacuums and powerful submersible pumps.

Flooring Inspection

With the water out of your property we can take a closer look at your flooring.  We inspect your linoleum, hardwood, tile, and carpet to make sure there’s no damage to your subflooring.  If the flooring is beyond saving we help by removing it so the subfloor can be repaired and new flooring put down.

Water Extraction Equipment

Simply looking into a room isn’t enough for dealing with water in your property.  There are many places water can hide that leads to dangerous molds.  We use a variety of water extraction equipment to find water, monitor humidity, and remove it.

  • Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuums
  • Industrial Submersible Pumps
  • Detectors for moisture and humidity
  • Infrared imaging that finds hidden water in ceilings and walls.

Emergency Water Extraction Process

No matter what’s caused water to start pouring into your home, it needs to be cleaned up quickly.  We provide 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services.  This helps you minimize the damage to your home by getting the problem resolved and water cleaned up fast.  Read about the process of emergency water extraction.

Step 1. Protect Yourself & Family

Your focus should be safety as there might be an electrical current in the water.  In addition, submerged in the water will be slippery and it’s all to easy to get injured trying to take care of the problem.  Don’t try to fix the problem yourself, call for help.

Step 2. Call The Insurance Company

Just about all homeowner’s insurance policies will cover sudden water damage.  In addition, the water extraction service is covered as part of these insurance policies.  It’s important to know what’s is covered by your insurance company given the terms of your policy.

Step 3. Hazardous Materials Containment

Some homes will have hazardous materials such as asbestos that must be handled carefully.  In addition certain types of water damage such as sewage leaks will cause an additional level of damage and contamination.   All items and building materials beyond saving will be removed during water damage restoration.

Step 4. Water Extraction

The next step involved a combination of submersible pumps and wet/dry vacuums to perform water extraction.  The vast majority of the water is removed during this step.  Additional water is dried by using large fans that help move moist air outside and dry the rest of the home.

Step 5. Hidden Water Detection

Water can settle in walls, ceilings, and subflooring.  We use cutting edge technology and a trained eye to find hidden water to help prevent additional damage to your property.  While getting all the water out is involved it does prevent future complications associated with stagnating water.

Step 6. We Inspect For Damage

With the water out of the property the walls, flooring, ceilings, furniture, and other items can be cataloged for damage.  This helps build a larger picture of what the damages are and what must be done to restore your home.

Step 7. Water Damage Restoration

Our restoration service sets your property back to pre-damage condition.  All materials affected by the water will be removed and rebuilt.  This helps prevent hazardous interior air quality issues from mold and mildew.  Once the ceilings, walls, floors, and interior of your home has been restored furniture and appliances that were saved can be moved back in.  All items that couldn’t be saved can be replaced at this time.

Call For Water Extraction Services In Phoenix

The longer you wait the more water does damage to your property.  Give us a call 24/7 to get emergency water extraction and begin the restoration process.  Time is of the essences when it comes to water as it ruins sheetrock, flooring, and will lead to mold.  Call now for immediate response!

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