If you are searching for water damage restoration, water mitigation or water remediation in Phoenix, Acuity Builders can help! We offer professional and affordable water damage and flood cleanup services to all areas of Phoenix including: Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe Chandler and Phoenix, Arizona. Home flooding and water damage can be a huge problem if you don’t get it cleanup up quick enough, which can lead to mold and other issues. Let our experts handle the water removal and restoration process for you!

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Water damage comes from various events such as plumbing leaks, heavy rain fall, flooding, or even as part of putting out a fire at your property.  Our company has the quickest contact time and turnaround time for water damage restoration in Phoenix.

In the event of water damage from a plumbing leak, heavy rains or fire damage, we are the best water damage restoration company to contact in the local area. We have the quickest contact time and turnaround time. Furthermore, we specialize in rebuilding homes after there has been flooding.

We are also a full-service contractor for commercial and residential properties and work with electricians, mechanical contractors and plumbers to get all your damages fixed in one shot, saving you the hassle of hiring multiple contractors for individual jobs.

Water damage or fire damage can quickly escalate, making conditions worse for wear and tear damages. We offer emergency repairs making us the number one go-to contractor in the area.

In addition, we purchase materials directly from our manufacturers, which allows big savings to be passed down to you. At Acuity Builders, we understand that water and fire damage can be a big burden to bear, this is why we want to help you any way that we can by cutting costs.


  • 24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration
  • 24/7 Flood Cleanup
  • 24/7 Water Removal
  • 24/7 Water Cleanup
  • 24/7 Water Leak Repair
  • 24/7 Flood Damage


Our water damage restoration process includes:

Step 1. Contact our emergency water damage technicians

Contact our emergency water damage technicians as soon as you notice flooding or pooling water.

Step 2. Inspection and assessment of water damage

We’ll send our water damage techs out to your property to give a water damage inspection to assess the severity of the damage.

Step 3. Water Damage Restoration Quote

We’ll  provide a quote for the water removal and rebuilding process.

Step 4. Water extraction/water removal

After you agree to the quote we will start the water extraction and removal process.

Step 4. Drying & Deodorizing

Once the water has been removed we need to dry and deodorize the surfaces.

Step 6. Cleaning & Disinfection

Next up is the cleaning and disinfection process to clean up remaining debris and sanitize surfaces.

Step 7. Construction & Rebuilding

Once everything is cleaned up we can start the rebuilding and construction process. The rebuilding process includes replacing flooring, dry wall and other surfaces that were damaged by flooding water.


Acuity Builders provides 24 hour emergency water damage restoration in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding areas.  If you need a remodeling or rebuilding services after water damage restoration, we are the go-to contractor for all your painting, plumbing, electrical and remodeling needs in and around these areas.  Call us today for all your commercial and residential restoration needs and we will be there in a jiffy!


Use the following steps to make a successful water leak insurance claim:

Step 1. Prevent further damage

Once you let your insurance company know about your water problems, next you need to prevent further damage to the property and secure your valuables. Board up windows or doors, tarp the roof, turn off water, etc. Take really valuable items to a secure location to protect them from water damage.

Step 2. Provide evidence of water damage

Take videos and pictures of water damaged parts of your home. Preserve any noticeable signs of where to leak started as this will be indisputable evidence to prove your insurance claim is valid. Do not alter the scene until the insurance adjuster inspects the property.

Step 3. Check your insurance policy

Make sure and check out your homeowners insurance policy to make sure they cover water damage. You might or might not have coverage for: water, floods, sewer backup, drain backup, water damage from HVAC systems, etc.

Step 4. Create a damaged inventory list

Create a detailed damaged item list that includes the make and model of item, age, condition and replacement cost. This will help you get reimbursed for items that were damaged. It can be time consuming but worth it if you want to replace your damage items. Keep in mind that insurance companies will usually only give you a portion of what your items are worth due to depreciation and other factors.


One of the first questions homeowner’s ask restoration companies is “Does my insurance cover water damages?”  Insurance companies cover different types of water damage differently.  It depends on how quickly the damage happened and where the water damage is coming from. Each insurance company covers things differently and change their policies over time.  It’s critical to contact your home insurance company for specifics related to your home and policy.

Read about different sources of water damage and how insurance claims work for each type.  Our team does more than handle your water damage restoration, we can help you submit your insurance claim.  With decades of experience handling water damage restorations and dealing with insurance companies we know how to get you the restorations you deserve.  In addition we offer remodeling as part of your restoration services, so if you’ve been dreaming of remodeling you kitchen or bathroom; we can help!

Kitchen Water Damage Insurance Claim

The kitchen is full of appliances that use water.  Your sink, dishwasher, and even refrigerator is hooked up to water lines.  If the sink, appliances, or water lines leak it will ruin flooring, walls, cabinetry, and more.

Most insurance covers water damage that is from appliances and broken pipes.  How much they pay depends on your coverage, it could be all of the repairs or a portion of the cost for water damage restoration.

Repairs to cabinetry will depend on how far the water damage got.  If it is all the way to the walls behind the cabinetry the walls may need to be replaced along with the cabinetry.  For most homeowners the insurance will restore their kitchen while the best policies will allow for remolding and upgrading.

Leaking Dishwasher Insurance Claim

Just about all insurance policies cover plumbing leaks which lead to the water damage you’re experiencing.  This includes your dishwasher and the plumbing coming to it and leading away from it to the drain.

Insurance coverage for dishwasher leaks depends on if you could have prevented damage by calling for repairs sooner.  If it’s obvious that you’ve had clear signs of leaks such as the wood floor warping or lots of extensive visible damage from water coming out of your dishwasher to cabinetry they won’t likely pay for it.

Insurance companies will however help you with the cost of restoration if the damage is hidden behind cabinetry, in walls, or under the floor and you wouldn’t have a way to have seen or reported it.

Leaking Refrigerator Insurance Claim

Much like the dishwasher if there’s obvious signs you ignored damage, you’ll have trouble getting insurance to pay.  However if the damage is sudden and the line or appliance fails your insurance company should work with you for at least a portion of the repairs, if not the whole bill.  How much will depend on your specific insurance policy.

Insurance Claims For Burst Pipes

All water carrying pipes have the potential of bursting.  They burst typically because they’re old, tree roots have ruined them, or in colder regions they freeze.  Most insurance companies will cover damages caused by a burst pipe as you cannot predict when they will burst.  They burst suddenly and are completely accidental.

Bathroom Water Damage Insurance Claim

The bathroom is full of fixtures which use water.  The sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet all use water to function.  Leaks in these areas are common but will your insurance company pay for the water damage restoration?

Immediate action is the key to improving the chances your insurance company will cover your water damage restoration services.  If the leak comes on suddenly and you call for repairs promptly most insurance companies will cover the cost of restoration.

In contrast if you allow something in your bathroom to leak for months and it ruins flooring walls, and cabinetry with mold or mildew your chances are much lower.

Overflowed Toilet Insurance Claim

Toilets overflow, it’s a fact of life.  They overflow because of problems with the sewer line, problems with your home’s plumbing, or even something as simple as a toy being flushed down the toilet.

Overflowing toilets are very common but can be extremely unpleasant and unsanitary.   For this reason, insurance companies will cover the cost of restoration due to flooding from overflowed toilets.

Coverage for restoration typically covers the sewage removal, clean up, sanitizing the bathroom, and any demolition of water damaged walls, cabinets, and flooring along with restoration.


Water damage caused by a burst pipe, a backed up drain or a flood can leave your property pretty messed up, and as a homeowner, it’s pretty hard to see beyond the mess. Fear not, we specialize in restoring and rebuilding homes after a flood. We are full service general contractors which means we can handle nearly any type of construction including water damage repair or construction.

As a homeowner, it’s a difficult situation to be in, and a ton of confusing questions can pop up, like what to do now or how much is it going to cost. This is where we come in, with decades of experience in water damage repairs, we take up aggressive measures to get your property cleaned up and restored to you in perfect condition. We handle restoration services for all property damage caused by fire, storms, floods, etc. Sometimes, water or fire damage can be more drastic than anticipated, but fear not, we can use it as an opportunity to upgrade your home or office space and make it more beautiful that it even was before.

To take it a step further, we also make sure to buy materials directly from the manufacturers to save you tons of money in the process and we will assist you in getting full payment for damages on your claim.

Water damage repairs we provide, include: Drywall repair, flooring repair, storm damage repair, flood damage repair, reinsulation, paint damage repair, trim repair, kitchen repair and bathroom repair.

Acuity Builders serves Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding areas. Call us today and set your home’s mind at ease permanently!


In addition to being a water damage restoration company we are general contractors.  That means that we can do more than just restore your home after water damage, we can improve it.  So if you’ve had water damage in common areas such as your kitchen or bathroom we offer remodeling services to set your home back in better condition and order than it was before the water damage.


What Is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration is the act of removing water from a flood, drying out the surfaces, sanitizing and deodorizing those surfaces and then rebuilding surfaces of the home that were damaged by water. Water damage restoration services are usually handled by a water damage restoration company or flood cleanup company.

What Is Water Mitigation?

Water mitigation is another word for water damage. Water mitigation is preventing more water damage from occurring by taking action. Actions include removal of dry wall and flooring, cleaning affected areas, using disinfectant agents, drying and deodorizing the structure.

What Is Water Remediation?

Water remediation is the act of remedying water damage. It means to reverse or treat water damage caused by water accumulation. It is the process of repairing, sanitizing, drying and cleaning damage caused by water.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage From Leaking Plumbing?

Yes, homeowners insurance does cover water damage from leaky plumbing if the leak was accidental or sudden such as a burst pipe or washing machine supply hose breaking.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage From Leaking Windows?

Yes, homeowners insurance does cover water damage from leaky windows as long as the storm created the leaky window. If your window was already leaking beforehand, homeowners insurance will deny your claim.

How To Get Insurance To Pay For Water Damage?

The best way to get insurance to pay for water damage is to let the water damage restoration company help you file your insurance claim. Water mitigation technicians know all about dealing with insurance companies and will help you make a better claim. This ensures you get your insurance to pay 100% of the water damage restoration process.

Water Damage Insurance Claim List

The following types of water damage that are covered by homeowners insurance:

  • Accidental or sudden water discharge
  • Water backup or sewer backup
  • Water overflow from toilet
  • Flood
  • Water damage from a storm

Water Damage Not Covered By Insurance?

Water damage that is not covered by insurance includes:

  • Gradual water damage
  • Long standing water accumulation problems
  • Homeowner negligence from avoiding repairs
  • Water damage from poor home or plumbing maintenance

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by Linda C. on Acuity Builders
Water Damage Restoration Review

Ken did a great job on our water damage restoration and build back. All of his team that came to do the repairs were polite and pleasant to be around. Ken gave us places to go to pick out tile, countertops and more. You rarely find people you can trust these days. Thank you so much Ken! Read On Google

by Elizabeth B. on Acuity Builders
Water Damage Restoration Review

I had an amazing experience with every single person from Acuity-they were professional, friendly and superb craftsmen. They often went an extra mile to be helpful in a stressful situation for me. I HIGHLY recommend them!! I have already shared their contact information with friends and realtors in north Scottsdale where I live. VERY GRATEFUL for all of you who put my house back from chaos and kept me sane!! Read On Google

by Mary H. on Acuity Builders
Water Damage Restoration Review

These guys are awesome. They came in, got right down to work, even stayed late one night, and got the floors replaced and drywall/painting done in 4 days. And they were the most professional, polite and hard-working individuals that I have ever seen in action. I will gladly use them again if I ever have a need for construction work. I highly recommend them!! Read On Google

by Chris B. on Acuity Builders
Water Damage Restoration Review

Showed up when they said they would, did the work they said they would, and followed up after everything was done to make sure i was happy. can’t ask for much more than that! Read On Google

by Terry S. on Acuity Builders
Water Damage Restoration Review

Ken Hawk and his group are Superb. The trust and peace of mind they provided is priceless. The work ethic excellent and my kitchen and bathroom look AMAZING. I GIVE THEM 5 Gold Stars and Highly recommend them. Read On Google

by Catherine K. on Acuity Builders
Water Damage Restoration Review

Acuity Builders did a great job with the reconstruction at my Moms house due to water damage from a broken pipe. The service was directly related to Matt the representative for the company in charge of our case. He was always a available and took care of everything.very promptly. He is an exceptional representative for the company. Read On Google

by Elon S. on Acuity Builders
Water Damage Restoration Review

Ken is an awesome guy. He is a man of his word and I can’t give a higher compliment than that. Read On Google

by Ivan E. on Acuity Builders
Water Damage Restoration Review

I have see Acuity Builders Work on a number occasions and the quality is always super. The customer service is exceptional. I HIGHLY recommend this business. Read On Google

by Betty H. on Acuity Builders
Water Damage Restoration Review

If you want the best quality of service this is the company for you. Acuity Builders is founded on Integrity and professionalism. I’ve seen their work first hand and I tell you, the before and after is astonishing. Read On Google

by Patti D. on Acuity Builders
Water Damage Restoration Review

Our experience with Acuity Builders was the best I have ever had with a contractor. After the hail storm we learned that our roof and air conditioner were damaged and had to be replaced. I called multiple companies and went with Acuity because they were the least expensive but also the quickest to get back to me. Ken Hawk came and talked to my husband and me personally, answering our many questions with patience and professionalism. He walked us through what the insurance process entailed and then took care of everything, including dealing with the insurance directly! The workers he hired were clean, polite and courteous, leaving no mess behind like other roofing companies have done. When a minor problem came up many months after the work was completed I called Ken and he had someone there within a couple of days- problem fixed! Imagine getting this kind of quality workmanship and customer service from the lowest bidder! Companies like this DO exist! I can not recommend Acuity Builders and Construction strongly enough! Read On Google

by David Gibson on Acuity Builders
Water Damage Restoration Review

Acuity Builders painted our house. I am known to be pretty picky about quality workmanship. Not only did they do a great job, but they did a total clean up and you would not have even known they had been there. The best is for last. Acuity bidders were the low bidder… I love saving money

by Dennis C. on Acuity Builders
Water Damage Restoration Review

In February 2017, I discovered wet walls and carpet in the walk-in closet adjacent to the travertine stone tile shower in the master bath of the house I had recently purchased. My real estate agent recommend Acuity Builders as they had performed well for a client of hers. Ken Hawk and Matthew Garrett of Acuity Builders came to the house and determined that water was going through the through the stone tile and breaching all layers of waterproofing.

Matthew and Ken worked closely with us to rebuild from the water damage. The entire shower was torn down and rebuilt with new tile. From start to finish all services from selecting new materials to installation, cost and schedule performance exceeded my expectations and I would without reservation employ and recommend their company, Acuity Builders for home construction projects. I am an engineer and reside in Chandler, AZ.