You may need home repiping services in Phoenix; If you’ve noticed leaking pipes, a dramatic lose of water pressure, an offensive odor from the tap, or your tap water looks dirty you may need repiping in your house or business in Phoenix.  These are all signs that your property’s pipes are aging.  Allow our highly trained team of repiping specialists to determine if the pipes in your home are eroding and if you need repiping.

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Phoenix Repipe Specialists

When your water is discolored, the water pressure is low, or you find leaks around your house it is time to start checking your property’s piping.  If your pipes are eroding or rusting it will lead to mold in your walls, water damage, and poor water quality at your tap.  If your home is near or over 60 years old you need to make sure you do a visual check of pipes every year.  If you see any signs of corrosion it’s time to call for a repiping specialist.

Whole House Repipe

Your home’s copper pipes have likely been in the home since it was built.  Over time galvanized pipes get corroded, rust, and have build up.  Given long enough the build up will cause the water to stop flowing through your pipes.  This not only reduces water pressure but makes it hard for multiple fixtures to get pressure at the same time.  Worse yet if the inside of your pipes are rusting it ends up in your drinking water and water you shower in.

If repiping isn’t completed the rust will cause leaks in your pipes or a pipe to burst.  If this happens a large volume of water will end up in your home and cause mold or mildew.  Water damage repair associated with pipe failure can be expensive.  Water clean up must be done, property must be replaced, and the building materials affected must be ripped out and the home restored.

Bathroom Repipe

Bathrooms have lots of pipes running to the sink, toilet, shower, and bath.  As bathrooms are on ground floors, second stories, and basements a leaking corroded pipe can cause damage to the bathroom it starts in, and leak into the rest of the house.

Kitchen Repipe

In your kitchen there are water lines running to your sink and dishwasher.  Kitchen cabinetry along with flooring is expensive and sensitive to water damage.  If your pipes are old and corroded a leak will cause expensive repairs in your kitchen.

How Much Does Repiping A House Cost?

According to the average cost for repiping a 2 bathroom house is $7,000. lists repiping costs for a 1,500 square foot home start at around $2,000 dollars but can run as high as $15,000.  This cost covers cutting open floors, walls, and ceilings to remove corroded pipes and replace them.  Homeowners can choose from repiping with copper or PEX piping.  To find out what it’ll cost for your home’s repiping please give our team a call.  Read more about home repiping costs here.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Repiping?

The simple answer is, they might.  It depends on if your repiping is the result of lack of maintenance and neglect and your specific coverage.   Most policies do not cover the cost of repiping if it’s clear you did not maintain your home and neglected repairs to plumbing.

Individual insurers cover homeowners differently.  Some will cover the water damage while others will cover both the water damage and a repiping.  When water damage happens in your home the likelihood of your insurance covering repiping and water damage restoration is higher when the event is “sudden and accidental”.

PEX vs. Copper Repiping

Phoenix homeowners have choices when they are repiping their home.  PEX Tubing has significant advantages over copper piping.  It generally requires less demolition which saves on repairs and has less risk of leaking.  PEX doesn’t degrade or corrode like copper or galvanized piping does.  The only downsides of PEX is that it susceptible to rodent damage and needs bend protectors at all 90° turns.

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If you’ve noticed leaks in your home, rust in your water, or a foul smell around your sink you may need repiping in your home.  Our leak detection team can inspect your home’s pipes to help you know if it’s an isolated leak or if you need to have the pipes replaced in your home.  Older homes are more likely to need repiping as the copper or galvanized steel pipes that the home was built with are likely wearing out.  Whether you’ve simply noticed signs of rust in your water or you’ve had a burst pipe and water damage we can help you with all your repiping and restoration needs

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