When you’re searching for a Fire Damage Restoration near me in Phoenix, our team can help!  Choosing between fire damage restoration companies can be a headache.  Acuity Builders puts the fire damage in perspective, develops a fire damage cleanup plan, and gets your home back in order.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire moves fast and so should you.  The fire damage restoration process starts with staying safe, getting out, and calling for emergency services.  Next a fire damage restoration company needs to asses the damage, seal up the property, tarp damaged areas, provide fire damage cleanup, and then take care of fire damage restoration and repairs.

1. Emergency Restoration Contact

The best time to get fire damage restoration is within the first 24 to 48 hours.  The very best fire damage restoration company will be there with emergency service.  Contact us any time of day and we’ll come to your fire damaged property.  Quick action is key to quality service.

You need fast fire damage restoration services to prevent additional damage to more of your property.  If the fire damaged pipes, wiring, or made a hole in the roof quick response helps preserve as much of your home as possible!

2. Fire Damage Assessment

Once our fire damage restoration team has arrived we will assess the extent of the damage.  This involves inspecting how far the fire, smoke, and soot has traveled inside your home.  It also includes how your furniture, flooring, walls, and more has been affected by the fire damage.

This is a critical step to get right so the fire damage restoration plan covers all costs and the right amount is reported to your homeowner’s insurance company.  This estimate will also cover how long the repairs will take.

3. Safety, Tarps, & Sealing

Once you’ve given our team the green light to take care of your fire damage restoration we’ll spring into action.  Preventing additional damage to your property is our first priority.  This includes tarping over holes in the roof and walls.  We’ll also put up barriers to prevent accidents and seal up any water leaks associated with the fire.

Fire damage is also usually associated with water damage either from putting the fire out or pipes that burst.  Our team specializes in both services and offers you the complete restoration service package.

4. Removing Water

Fire departments use water to put out fires. Water should never be left to sit and cause mildew or mold.  A big part of fire damage restoration is getting the water out of the property.  Pumps and fans are used to remove water and dry out the property.  Our team strives to get ahead of the mold and mildew by drying out as much of the property as fast as possible. Once it’s dried out the cleanup can begin.

5. Fire Damage Cleanup

The next step is to remove anything that’s charred, smoke damaged, or covered in soot.  This includes ceilings, flooring, walls, furniture, carpeting, or anything that’s been damaged by the fire, smoke, or soot.  In rooms that weren’t as close to the fire cleaning such as carpet cleaning and washing the walls can remove the smell.  After a fire it’s not uncommon for much of what was in a severely fire damaged home to need to be thrown away and replaced.

6. Fire Damage Restoration

With all the old, charred, smoke damaged, and soot covered items removed the fire damage restoration can begin.  This step involves repairing flooring, walls, ceilings, and furniture.  Items such as cabinets will either be restored or replaced depending on their condition.

Fire damage restoration is designed to get you back in your home efficiently and reliably.  One step a lot of homeowners choose to do after a fire is to improve the property rather than just rewind.  If you’ve been wanting to improve rooms in your home our team can do more than just restore your home, we can make it better than it was!

Why Choose Acuity Builders Fire Damage Restoration?

We are here to help in your moment of crisis 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!  With over 30 years of experience in fire damage restoration and general contracting we can help get your home back to normal.

30+ Years Experience

Any industry takes time to learn the ropes.  With over 30 years we’ve seen all sizes of fire damage and can handle any size job.

Fast Service

We do more than just answer the phone, we come out to help you in your moment of need.  You can rely on us to respond fast.

Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

Our team is licensed to offer repairs, bonded for your peace of mind, and insured to make sure our services are covered.

We are BBB Accredited

The BBB stands for excellence in all types of industries.  We are proud to have great reviews and be accredited with the BBB.

Affordable Fire Damage Restoration

We offer competitive rates for fire damage restoration by buying direct from manufacturers. We pass the savings on to you.

Full Service General Contractor

We’re more than just a cleanup crew. As a general contractor we can take care of all the restoration and offer home improvement.

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