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How Much Does Repiping A House Cost?

The cost of repiping a house with 2 bathrooms is $8,500 according to Networx.com.  In contrast the cost of repiping is stated as $4,000 to $10,000 by Houselogic.com.  The low end starts around $2,000 dollars for PEX tubing and it can go as high as $15,000 for copper.  Extensive repiping and demolition are also cost factors.  These costs cover the labor needed to cut open your floors and walls, remove old piping, replace the piping, and repair your home.  Additional costs vary by location for permitting, materials, and cost of labor.

Repiping Cost Factors

There are 4 major cost factors that influence how much repiping costs.  These include how many plumbing fixtures you have, if the access is difficult, what type of repiping you choose, how big your home is, the fees for permits, and the cost for labor.

How Many Fixtures You Have

Most home have at least 2 bathrooms, a kitchen sink, dishwasher, and washing machine.  The more sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and other fixtures in your home the more it will cost to get repiping services.   It takes longer and it requires more materials to complete the job.

Difficulty To Access Fixtures

Piping runs in walls, floors, and ceilings.  The more work it takes to access the pipes the longer it takes and the more it will cost.  Pipes who’s access is in closets or crawlspaces cost more than those that are simply behind walls.  The pipes must be exposed to be replaced wherever they are.  This is one advantage of PEX tubing as it can be ran with less invasive demolition.

Type Of Replacement Pipe

The type of replacement piping you choose also has an effect on the cost.  There are 3 major types of pipe used in homes: PEX tubing, CPVC piping, and Copper piping.  PEX is one of the most popular replacement piping options as it’s flexible, takes less time to install, and is cost effective.  Copper piping is the costliest option as it requires the most demolition and the materials are costlier.

Home’s Square Footage

They say bigger is better and it’s nice to have homes with large square footage, but they do cost more to build and maintain.  Repiping costs more if your home is larger simply because it takes longer and requires more piping, fittings, and labor.

Receive A Free Home Repiping Quote

Acuity Builders offers home repiping services, is a full service restoration company and general contractor.  Repiping a home requires a variety of skills to get the job done.  We have all of the skilled labor from licensed plumbers and drywall installers to flooring experts to get the job done right.  Trust our experience in repiping your home and repairing any water damage from leaks or burst pipes.  Call today for your appointment.

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How Much Does Water Damage Repair & Restoration Cost?

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost

Water damage restoration costs vary by the extent of the damage, type of damage, and what areas of your home or business need to be restored.  A simple leaking pipe that requires a little bit of drywall is less costly to repair than a failed sewage line which contaminates your property.  Read about all of the different costs for water damage repair, restoration and remediation below.

According to FIXR, the average cost of water damage restoration is about $5,100. Costs ranged from $2,700 to $7,500 in 2018. These figures include water cleanup, water removal, water drying and decontamination of a 700 sq ft basement.

  • Restoring damaged drywall cost: $1.40 per sq ft
  • Restoration of damaged wall plaster cost: $18.75 per sq ft
  • Restoration of hardwood floors cost: $10.45 per sq ft
  • Restoring carpets cost: $5.50 per sq ft
  • Restoring woodwork cost: $70 an hour
  • Mold Remediation cost: $5.00 per sq ft
  • Dry out water cost: $3.75 per sq ft
  • Gray water removal cost: $4.50 per sq ft
  • Backed up sewer pipe cleanup cost: $7 per sq ft

How Much Does Basement Water Damage Repair Cost?

No matter what the cause for your basement water damage repairs need to be done promptly.  How much it will cost depends on the extend and type of the water damage.  You can imagine that it will cost more to provide water repair damage clean up for a basement that as 4 feet of sewage compared to an inch of water from a pipe.

According to homeadvisor.com basement water damage clean up for an inch of water will go for between $500 and $1,500 dollars.  In contrast water clean up for basement drainage repairs will cost up to or more than $10,000.

How Much Does Flood Damage Repair Cost?

Flood damage is one of the most costly types of water damage that can occur at your home.  If the water is contaminated it can be even more costly than regular basement damage.  Flood damage repair costs can easily exceed $10,000 or more if the damage is extensive.

How Much Does Ceiling Water Damage Repair Cost?

If you’ve had a leaking pipe or roof it will ruin ceilings in your home.  The average cost to repair water damaged ceilings is about $650 dollars.  How much of your ceilings are damage and the type of damage also has an impact on cost.  Simple water damage from a bad fixture will cost less than a broken sewage line that also contaminates your home.

How Much Does Drywall Water Damage Repair Cost?

The cost to repair water damaged drywall is about $500.  A low cost for drywall repair is $250 dollars while extensive damage will cost up to $750 dollars or more.  Drywall is one of the most common wall coverings in homes today.  It’s on your ceilings and walls all over the home.  Once drywall becomes wet it needs to be replaced to avoid the development of mold and chance for it to fall apart.

How Much Does Water Extraction Cost?

The average cost for water extraction is about $2,500 dollars according to improvenet.com.  If you’ve got standing water from a busted pipe, leaking fixture, or broken sump pump you’ve got a serious hazard.  Some of the hazards for water extraction include live electricity, rodents, spiders, and even snakes.

How Much Does Hardwood Floor Water Damage Repair Cost?

The cost to repair water damaged hardwood floors also depends on the extent of the damage.  For hardwood many times they can survive being under water for a short period of time.  Other floor types are more water permeable and will cost more to repair.  Average costs for water damaged flooring are about $350 dollars.

How Much Does Broken Bathroom Fixture Water Damage Repair Cost?

If your bathtub cracks, toilet breaks, or you have a leaky faucet your water damage can become very costly.  For a bathroom that’s about 120 square feet water damage repair can cost up to $3,000 to provide clean up services and repairs.  Preventative maintenance before a fixture fails saves you thousands.  Especially when you consider that home owner’s insurance typically doesn’t cover water damage caused by neglecting regular plumbing maintenance.

How Much Does Burst Pipe Water Damage Repair Cost?

The cost to clean up and repair after a burst water pipe averages around $1,000.  If it’s on the second story of a home and the water runs down into ceilings, walls, and onto flooring the costs can skyrocket.  Preventing burst pipes is one of the easiest home maintenance projects.  Getting it done before a pipe is clogged or freezes saves you thousands over replacing drywall, flooring, carpet, or whatever is damaged by leaking water.

Find Affordable Water Damage Restoration In Phoenix, Arizona!

If you’ve had a burst pipe, leaking toilet, roof that’s leaking, or any other type of water damage; Acuity Builders is here to help!  Day and night we have staff waiting for your call and can respond quickly to help minimize water damage to your home or business.  From immediate response and clean up to restoration and remodeling, we cover the entire process to restore the comfort and safety of your property.  Call us for all of your water damage restoration anywhere in the Phoenix, Arizona Valley.

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How Much Does Ceiling Water Damage Repair Cost?


If you’re searching for ceiling water damage repair cost, you’ve likely had some recent damages at your home.  The average ceiling water damage repair cost is about $650 dollars.

How Much Does Ceiling Replacement Cost?

There are various types of ceilings and materials used in construction.  Some are more costly than others.  Water damage isn’t just about what you can see visually but the potential for mildew or dangerous molds.  Read about the average costs to replace a ceiling per square foot here.

Depending on the extent of the damage in your home it might be much less or more.  The average range of ceiling repairs for water damage starts at about $300 dollars and can go over $1,000 for extensive damage.

How Much Does Drywall Ceiling Repair Cost?

The cost of replacing drywall ceilings is about $50 per square foot. This includes removing damaged sheetrock, new materials, prep work, installing the drywall, and cleanup.  In some cases damages are minor enough where you can have it simply taped and spackled.

How Much Does Drop Tile Ceiling Repair Cost?

Drop tile ceiling replacement is much easier and costly than other types.  In some cases, property owners choose to replace them but run the risk of missing signs of water damage hidden in the ceiling.  Most ceiling tiles cost anywhere from $1 dollar to $20 dollars a tile.  Professional water damage repair for drop ceilings is light on materials and just boils down to labor costs.

How Much Does Plaster And Lath Ceiling Repair Cost?

Homes that feature plaster and lath ceilings cost a little more and average about $70 dollars per square foot.  This is due to the fact that the water damage restoration contractor fixing your ceiling must also repair the lath (thin sheets of wood) and the plaster.  It requires more training, experience, and time to repair plaster and lath ceilings, therefore it is more costly.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceiling replacement is more costly than other types of water damage repair.  The average cost to repair popcorn ceilings is $80 per square foot.  There is time intensive prep work, matching the existing popcorn ceiling in other rooms, and time to clean up.  Refinishing the new popcorn ceiling to resemble the other areas of the home takes a trained eye and hand.

How Much Does Sagging Ceiling Repair Cost?

According to homeadvisor.com it costs about 13 dollars per 4’x8′ sheet of 5/8ths drywall.  The cost of labor for these repairs also run around $75 dollars per hour.  The cost to repair your sagging ceiling will depend on the level of damage.  To get a quote for your sagging ceiling repair please give us a call.

Ceilings don’t usually get a lot of foot traffic, so water is the most common reason for sagging or damage.  Water damage on ceilings typically comes from upstairs kitchens or bathrooms, burst pipes, or rain leaking through the roof.

It’s important to call for professional repairs as soon as possible.  While replacing a ceiling isn’t too costly letting more water work its way into your walls, flooring, and basement can cause very expensive repairs.  If the water damage was hidden and there is mold it all should be removed before being replaced with new ceiling framing and ceiling material such as sheetrock.

Water Damaged Ceiling Repair Service

If you have had a leaking roof, burst pipe, or other problem that resulted in a water damaged ceiling Acuity Builders is your source for water damage restoration.  Working with both water damage and general contracting our company has the skills to restore your home the way it was, or offer you the opportunity to improve your property!

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